ampibia . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

oughhhhh amphibia was a big one. it's been half a year since the show ended and i miss it so much.

marcy wu is the only character so far i've considered a 'kin'. my absolute beloved. marcanne are my fav. i miss drawing my au designs. i always forget marcy's journal is gonna come out soon my GOD. i wonder when it's gonna arrive here. i think some people already have it? if i see any spoilers for that thing i am going to KILL.

update: i have since then read the journal. cry-laughed at marcy putting "POG" and "POGGERS" next to drawings of sasha. then cried at the ending. good book, though i wish they could've spent more time writing about different events than the ones we already saw in the show.

i have quite a few older amphibia arts over at my art page. check it !!

marcy wu run stamp